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ReeR was established in 1959 to distribute components for industry, lighting and home automation. By the mid-70’s the first safety sensors were developed, and afterwards the first light curtains were produced. Today ReeR is both the Italian leading company and one of the main world manufacturers of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety. The export activity of the Safety Division outlines the company’s global expertise and its network of skilled distributors provide an accurate support service to their customers based in more than 50 countries.

ReeR’s safety devices, designed, engineered, and manufactured in Italy, are dedicated to safeguarding machines and industrial plants. Our solutions, backed by the Quality System and certified by TUV Italy in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards, provide unparalleled versatility and safety in the automation industry on a global scale. Explore our extensive product range within each category to delve into the specifics of our industry-leading offerings.


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