Our New Vertical Lift Module

Fast Delivery. It’s Our Goal. 

Our goal is to give you, our customers, the quickest turnaround time possible. Recently, we invested in a Vertical Lift Machine. It saves time and helps fulfill our Control Panel Builder Store (link to store) delivery promise: Order by 2pm today. Install it by tomorrow.

The Back Story

A couple of years ago, we found ourselves short of warehouse space and searching for alternatives.  How could we consolidate our warehouse inventory and benefit our customers by providing better, more efficient shipping operations? 

As it happens, one of our customers located here in Maine manufactures automated inventory storage units for the distribution market.  After much due diligence, we purchased and installed a Modula Vertical Lift Machine.  In addition to saving us a significant amount of warehouse space (the VLM now houses nearly 85% of our inventory in a 12’ X 8’ footprint), we are now able to fill orders quicker and more efficiently as a result.

Utilizing a Put to Light system, rather than picking orders one at a time we are now able to pick all of our orders at the same time – a tremendous time saver.  A bar code reader used in the shipping/receiving operations helps to minimize the frequency of shipping/receiving errors.  A labeling system allows us to print barcodes, part numbers, customer part numbers, and quantities on the packages.  In addition, we are now printing barcodes on our packing slips to assist our customers who also are utilizing this technology.

Prior to the VLM installation, we redesigned our shipping receiving area to make best use of the available space.  We have eliminated a large percentage of wasted motion by ensuring that our shipper now has everything right at hand whether receiving product, picking orders, or shipping packages.

We remain committed to doing everything possible to provide you with the best customer service experience, and submit this investment as further evidence of that obligation.

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