Machine Safety Products

Industial Automation Supply stocks 1000 products that are ready for immediate shipment. If ordered by 2PM, we are able to guarantee next day UPS delivery to anywhere in the United States.


Most accidents are preventable.  Minimizing accidents is what Industrial Automation Supply does.  They have the knowledge and safety components to help your company maintain a high level of productivity, minimize lost man-hours, increase profitability and reduce liability.


Quality Safety Components.  Machine manufacturers and safety engineers rely on quality components from Industrial Automation Supply for their safety solutions.  We carry the best of breed in Programmable Safety Controllers, Safety Relays, Light Curtains, E-Stops, Mats, Fencing and Guarding.  We take great pride in helping our customers build safe machines to minimize lost man-hours and liability.

Safe Machine Environments.  Industrial Automation Supply’s design team has engineered manufacturing, processing and automated production solutions.  We have helped packaging companies, bottling companies and other automated factory assembly lines meet OSHA standards and improve safety ratings.

Eliminate Hazards.  Our safety surveys identify crushing points and electrical shock possibilities.  We develop concepts for proper operation, emergency machine shutdown, and maintenance.  Our knowledge of programmable logic controllers or PLC’s and other electro-mechanical components is critical to eliminating the majority of hazards on the assembly line or shop floor.

Reduce Injury.  Next, we determine what we can’t eliminate and implement safety systems.  For example, should a protective door be opened, we design a safety system to switch the motor off.  We can provide enclosure, guarding and fencing solutions.  We use e-stops, position switches, light curtains, fail-safe controllers, safety relays and frequency converters to design the safest work environment possible.

Inform and Educate.  Finally, we provide personal protective equipment, pictograms, special work instructions and operating instructions to supplement the safety systems.

Return on Investment.  You can be assured your investment in a safety system designed by Industrial Automation Supply will lead to a safer work environment, reduce your liability and increase profitability.


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